Gravity Sketch is being used within a wide range of workflows across a number of industries. Explore some examples below.


    • James Robbins

      Senior Designer, Honda R&D Americas, LLC

    • "Gravity Sketch is extremely fun to use. Working in VR has dramatically changed the way I approach design and the way digital tools are used in my design process."
    • Štěpán Král

      Concept designer, Svott

    • "Gravity Sketch is easy to learn, but a very powerful tool that is able to deliver great outputs for subsequent stages of the design development process, such as Class-A modelling, VR-visualisation or CNC-milling in clay. It´s great to work in the real model proportions from the very early stages."
    • Alex Hodge

      Product designer

    • "Gravity Sketch lets me do both the ideation work and the modeling work in the same software. Being able to sketch quickly in 3D over the top of reference geometry makes design iterations and the entire design process much faster."
    • Nikolai Proskurin & Joshua Reer

      Automotive designers, Hūstle

    • "Gravity Sketch gives you the ability to create and assess your design in virtual reality while having a strong intuitive set of tools at hand to directly modify it."

Industrial Design

    • Nicholas Baker

      Designer, Nicholas Baker Studio

    • "I've been using Gravity Sketch as a tool for fast paced iteration and spatial evaluation. The faster I can get concepts out the more time that I have to let my subconscious mind distil the ideas."
    • Fed Rios

      Industrial Design Consultant, Fed Rios Design Studio

    • "Gravity sketch allows me to explore design iterations in 3 dimensions and at 1:1 scale very quickly. It is simply the best modeling tool to get volumes for designed objects that would be larger than a computer monitor. It integrates very easily with other tools that are part of my workflow, and the fact that I can bring in sketches and reference images and place them anywhere in space is a huge bonus to achieving an uninterrupted creative flow state."
    • Noah Sussman

      Owner, ARK Design

    • "It has expanded my abilities more than any of the other tools I have adopted over the years. The leap in productivity offered by Gravity Sketch is a revolution in time savings and opens up worlds of possibility in form and usability in product and transportation design."
    • Lucas Van Dorpe

      Industrial Designer, Achilles Design

    • "I use VR sketching to design physical products and prototypes. It’s amazing how much of the design process is supported by Gravity Sketch - from conceptual ideation to interaction design, physical prototyping and detailed rendering. Of all the tools that are on a designer’s toolbelt, I believe Gravity Sketch is the most versatile and powerful."
    • Matthew Antes & Cullan Kerner

      Industrial designers

    • "Designing in VR with Gravity Sketch expedites the creative process. It allows us to visualize in real time and scale the products we are prototyping. Bringing virtual objects from GS into reality is pure magic."


    • Joey Khamis

      Footwear designer, Reebok

    • "As a designer one of the biggest challenges is to translate our 2D ideas into a 3D product. I believe Gravity Sketch is an incredible tool and time saver to quickly visualise an idea from all angles as you would with a real life final product."
    • Elisa Payer

      Freelance footwear designer

    • "Gravity Sketch has opened doors in creative development. I love being able to generate my ideas quickly and build my envisioned concept in a new space, where I can experience it."

Concept art

    • Durk van der Meer

      Freelance digital artist

    • "I’m amazed I still come across lots of people who are using 2D screens to create 3D content. These days I use VR for everything, even 2D illustrations."
    • Min Guen

      Concept Artist, Coalition Studio

    • "I love that Gravity Sketch is extremely intuitive, easy to pick up, and has a great interface. To me sketching with controllers feels like doing live-drawing in 3D space."

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