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Customer Stories

05 Mar 2024

Paul Wraith on the integration of Gravity Sketch into Ford Design's Process

As the first automotive company to collaborate with Gravity Sketch, Ford has always been helping shape how the product develops by experimenting with innovative workflows that surround a more human-centric approach to design and 3D.

At the Around 3D Design Festival 2023, Paul Wraith, Chief Designer Ford Model-E, sat down with other members of the Ford team as well as New Balance, to discuss how tools like Gravity Sketch are changing the way design is done, and how this adapts the traditional process of design.

“I have a tendency to want to sprint towards the future.”
– Paul Wraith, Chief Designer, Ford Model-E

Rapid exploration of ideas

Using VR technology has enabled designers at Ford to produce “hundreds of sketches and multiple CAD models” in the same amount of time it used to take to generate one concept.

“I’m at a point now where I can sketch a model as fast as I used to sketch a sketch”

Virtual studio space

“With an immersive environment, you can better understand volumes. Through better evaluation of the designs that we’re creating in the virtual space, we can avoid making mistakes”

Using Gravity Sketch, Paul’s team has been able to evaluate designs at 1:1 scale in 3D to help identify mistakes earlier in the process before they’re milled out.

Intuitive learning curve

“It doesn’t take much to learn the program, it’s very intuitive. We use it in the generation of models and themes and in live programs that are worth $1billion to the company.”

By integrating Gravity Sketch into Ford Design’s process, Paul and his team have seen dramatic advancements in every step.