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Apparel & Footwear

Apparel & Footwear

How Gravity Sketch enhances apparel & footwear design workflows

    • Design with proportion from the first sketch.
    • Easily communicate and get better feedback on 3D designs, that more accurately represent your best ideas.
    • Bring in marketing and other stakeholders early, to see the direction of the final shoe.
    • Handover 3D designs with geometry included to provide factories with a more detailed reference than traditional tech packs.
    • Reduce the number of iterations and samples it takes to get to the final design
    • Export to Blender, Rhino, or KeyShot to continue refinement of chosen designs.

    "Gravity Sketch changes the game as it remotely allows you to improve the communication of your design intent with something 3D, rather than 2D orthographic views. We’re collectively making more informed decisions."

    Alexander Ordonez

    Senior Industrial Designer at New Balance

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