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The design platform for teams that create, collaborate, and review in 3D.

  • Reduce time-to-product and increase cost savings by limiting time consuming miscommunication between teams
  • Uninterrupted design experience to enhance your team’s creativity while maintaining compatibility with standard industry software
  • Enhance collaboration between different teams involved in the design process, using an intuitive tool that is quick to learn
  • Companies that require multiple licenses, and want to create and collaborate with teams and clients
  • Licenses: annual licenses, with license management and usage monitoring
  • Support: dedicated customer success manager, one-to-one training, phone and email support and self-serve knowledge base
  • Security: enterprise grade security solution
  • Co-Creation: ability to communicate and collaborate with design teams across the world in the same virtual studio
  • Headset loan: get in touch to discuss the option of free VR headset loans to unlock your trial of Gravity Sketch
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Invest in the future of creativity.

  • Empower your students by bringing immersive 3D sketching to the classroom
  • Enhance collaboration between students and institutions, by enabling them to communicate and co-create in the same studio from remote locations
  • Encourage innovation and passion by introducing your students to an intuitive and playful design software, making the process of creation a joyful one
  • Free trial: 6 months’ free trial of Gravity Sketch EDU
  • Licenses: Single Seat and Lab Plans available, plus free licenses for enrolled students
  • Features: includes all Enterprise features and early access to new features within the trial period
  • Support: on-site training for students and staff, access to education content, dedicated customer success support
  • Academic Community: connect and work with other innovative institutions pushing design education worldwide
  • Co-Creation: ability to communicate and collaborate with designers from institutions across the world, in the same virtual studio
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  • We aim to support all creative disciplines with access to the tools and platform, so Gravity Sketch is available to individuals through the Oculus and Steam stores for a one-off price. For Oculus users, please note that Gravity Sketch is a cross-buy title (single purchase for both Rift and Quest versions)
  • For business and education users wishing to purchase Gravity Sketch, please get in contact with our sales team using the get-in-touch form at the bottom of the page
  • Full suite of expansive creation tools for sketching and 3D modelling
  • Image import (.jpg and .png)
  • Import / export .obj with textures and materials
  • Infinite layers
  • Custom environment panel
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