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Gravity Sketch for your Students

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The design platform for teams that create, collaborate, and review in 3D.

Why Gravity Sketch Enterprise?

  • Reduce time-to-product and increase cost savings by limiting time consuming miscommunication between teams
  • An uninterrupted design experience to enhance your team’s creativity while maintaining compatibility with standard industry software
  • Enhance collaboration between different teams involved in the design process, using an intuitive tool that is quick to learn

Who is it for?

  • Companies that require secure, on-premise data storage and multiple licenses

What’s included?

  • Licenses: annual floating licenses, with license management and usage monitoring via the Service Provider
  • Features: all creation and collaboration features
  • Support: dedicated customer success manager, one-to-one training, phone and email support and self-serve knowledge base
  • Security: industry-standard firewall security via an on premise Service Provider server
  • Co-Creation: ability to communicate and collaborate with design teams across the world in the same virtual studio

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Why Gravity Sketch Education?

  • Empower your students by bringing immersive 3D sketching to the classroom
  • Enhance collaboration between students and institutions, by enabling them to communicate and co-create in the same studio from remote locations
  • Encourage innovation and passion by introducing your students to an intuitive and playful design software, making the process of creation a joyful one

What’s included?

  • Free trial: 6 months’ free trial of Gravity Sketch EDU (via Steam)
  • Licenses: Single Seat and Lab Plans available, plus free Studio licenses for enrolled students
  • Features: includes all Enterprise features and early access to new features within the trial period
  • Support: on-site training for students and staff, access to education content, dedicated customer success support
  • Academic Community: connect and work with other innovative institutions pushing design education worldwide
  • Co-Creation: ability to communicate and collaborate with designers from institutions across the world, in the same virtual studio

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Individual licenses available on

Gravity Sketch is primarily being developed as a professional solution for Enterprise customers, however our aim is that all designers are able to access and use a version of the software.

We intend to build a strong user base of individuals and studios who are able to support us in developing this tool, help us remove friction from your workflows, and make the process of creation a joyful one.

Gravity Sketch is available on Steam, Oculus Store, and Viveport. Please join us in the creation of this product and help us achieve our goal of supporting the wider creative community.

Please note there are 3 versions of Gravity Sketch available for purchase on Steam – Core, Pro, and Studio. More information on these products is available here.

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