Meet the Team

Based in the heart of Brixton, we’ve assembled a dynamic team of individuals to bring the true vision of Gravity Sketch to life and help empower creative freedom.
  • Oluwaseyi
    Co-founder & CEO
    “Continuously learning about design workflows and trying to find ways to make them more FUN and effective”
  • Daniela
    Co-founder & Director
    “Mixing the creative power of design and science through invisible, empowering tools”
  • Daniel
    Co-founder & CTO
    “I enjoy a challenge, but don’t try me at Beat Saber”
  • Dae Ho
    Head of Operations
    “I like to squeeze in a good hoovering session in between a partnership meeting and interviewing a candidate”
  • Ke
    Head of Engineering
    “A Fishman, working on net and .net”
  • Adam
    VR Mathematician
    “I live to refactor”
  • Alex
    Software Engineer
    “Building beautiful systems invisible to the user”
  • Kyungmin
    VR Designer
    “With my background in craft, I try to connect digital aspects with our physical sphere for greater user experience”
  • Lu
    UX/UI Engineer
    “I care about user experiences and working on the coolest features”
  • Jeremie
    Business Operations Analyst
    “I enjoy helping people be the best they can be. I also like to have my fingers in lots of different pies, but mostly business analytics”
  • Milan
    Community Operations Executive
    “I produce the content that allows us to answer your questions before you even ask them. I also make a mean mildly burnt toast”
  • Emil
    Education Lead
    “I believe students design and shape the future. So we should build tools to empower them.”

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