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Top 5 Finalists below!

Follow us on Instagram for updates and progress on the challenge. Bonus prize draw winners and honorable mentions will be announced when the challenge is over. 

Sketch your design for a hiking backpack and tag your submissions with #gskschallenge as well as #keyshot and #gravitysketch on instagram. Collaborative team submissions are allowed but only up to a maximum of 3 people, however the prize remains as above, and only one design will be evaluated.

Step 1: Sketch your designs in 2D. Submit your designs by posting them on instagram with the hashtag #gskschallenge
Step 2: Top 5 finalists model their design in Gravity Sketch (headsets can be provided if needed) and render it in KeyShot (KeyShot licenses can be provided if needed)
Step 3: Render your models in KeyShot with materials and present the model and KeyShot renders in Gravity Sketch Co-Creation to Gravity Sketch, KeyShot and the Judges


November 15th: 2D sketch submissions due
November 16th – 22nd: 5 finalists chosen by the community, Quest V1 headsets are shipped to finalists
November 23rd – Dec. 9th: Finalists model their designs in Gravity Sketch and render them in KeyShot
December 11th – 14th: Finalists present their designs using Gravity Sketch Co-Creation (exact day TBC)
December 14th: Winner is chosen and announced


Roshan Hakkim

Noah Sussman

Noah Sussman
Behance portfolio

Nicholas Baker

Nicholas Baker

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