Gravity Sketch Co-Creation Early Access

We are giving a select number of companies one month’s free access to Gravity Sketch’s new remote collaboration feature. Co-Creation allows multiple users, from different locations across the globe, to create, collaborate on and review the same 3D design in real-time.

Given how important efficient, creative and collaborative remote working is during these times, we wanted to share our Co-Creation feature with you early. With early access we want to transform your workflow and bring people together.

Co-Creation is still a work in progress, so in return for free access, we ask that you provide us with some feedback on your experience. Your valuable feedback will be used to help us improve the feature before its release later this year.

Apply to join the waiting list by filling out the form below.

Please note: To be eligible for this trial, you must be part of a business with multiple people you would want to collaborate with in Gravity Sketch (this can include clients). If you are interested in Gravity Sketch for Education, please get in touch with us via the Gravity Sketch website. If you are interested but do not currently have access to VR headsets, please do still apply to the waiting list, and we can get you on the beta once you are set up.

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