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Your first sketch in Gravity Sketch

A recent Gravity Sketch update focuses on helping first time users get to grips with basic controls, sketching tools, and beginning to manipulate your 3D designs created in VR.

Gravity Sketch
Your first sketch in Gravity Sketch
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This built-in tutorial experience guides you through a rough sketch of a motorcycle in VR, providing feedback when steps are completed correctly. At the end of the tutorial, you’re free to continue working on the motorcycle design, or to start a brand new sketch.

Basic controls

You’ll be guided to interact with the UI in selecting your dominant hand, this will teach you the primary method of selection within Gravity Sketch on your chosen VR headset. 

When asked “Want help getting started?” select yes to enter the start of the motorcycle sketching tutorial.

Line drawing and changing color

Creating sketched lines is the basis for any creation, so naturally it’s the first thing covered. Follow the guidance to draw a basic line freehand, before learning how to select new colors for any active tool.

Color Task First Sketch

Move and rotate

Creating in 3D gives you the opportunity to experience objects as you would in reality. This includes moving items closer and further away, as well as rotating for a better understanding of depth. You’ll be given a reference sketch of a motorcycle that you’re asked to adjust and line up with an outline, showing you how to maneuver the sketches and designs you create.

Move and Rotate Task First Sketch

Trace the structure of a motorcycle

Once you’ve got the hang of drawing and moving, it’s time to create your first sketch. Trace the 3D lines that make up a sketch of a motorbike, starting with the gas tank and the seat. Mirroring of the y axis is on, so you’ll have a 3D outline from just a few strokes.

Tracing Task First Sketch


Grab objects

When you’re designing in VR it’s necessary to be able to grab items in your sketch and move them around the space. One key use for this when designing for the real-world, is positioning mannequins for scale reference. You’ll be presented with a mannequin in the tutorial to position and place on the motorcycle sketch.

Grab Task First Sketch


You’ll next be guided to scale the design and its mannequin up and down, maintaining proportions but giving you the ability to scale to 1×1. This also helps with navigating around the sketch, or getting a closer view of details.

Scale First Sketch

Further learning

Continue building your Gravity Sketch skills: you’ll be directed to our in-headset tutorial content so you can keep learning all the tips and tricks you need to make your ideas come to life.

Don’t be shy, show us your #FirstGravitySketch

It might not be the most spectacular thing you’re ever going to make, but everyone starts somewhere. Share your first sketch from Gravity Sketch so you and your network can look back and see how far you’ve come!

Any user is able to access this experience again and again, so whether you need a refresher or want to start with the motorcycle sketch as a base for a creation, it’s yours to make your own.

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