Tool Belt Beta is launching on January 23rd 2020

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Tool Belt Beta is launching on January 23rd 2020
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We’re kicking off 2020 with a launch of six new features. We’ve kept these under wraps for a while, so we’re excited to share them all with you now. After a number of requests from our community, we have created the Tool Belt, which is currently being released in a beta, exclusive to those who sign up via Landing Pad.

Your new Tool Belt.

It’s called the Tool Belt because with a single swipe gesture, you’ll be able to expand a belt of new tools inside your project. On the tool belt there are six tools that you can try out.

1. Measuring tool

Everything in Gravity Sketch can be created on a 1:1 scale. To enhance the power of this, and allow you create designs with even more accurate measurements, we have added in a Measuring tool.

With realistic measuring tape graphics!

2. Precise Movement

Now you can lock one or two axes when you move objects within a project. You can move objects along a single axis or rotate them. With this feature you can alter your designs with extremely precise movements.

3. Dice (Randomiser)

Humans aren’t as good as machines at designing objects with randomness in mind. The Tool Belt now has a Randomiser that will allow you to randomise the position and rotation of any object that you touch with it.

4. Teleporter

Now you can teleport to any part of the project simply by pointing the teleporter at any location and clicking.

It’s a banana for now…

5. Colour Picker

Need the exact colour you used before? Grab it in a hurry using the eyedropper tool to take the colour from any object.

6. Paintbrush

And once you’ve picked your colour you can re-paint any object in your project quickly and easily.

To test out these new features, sign up to Landing Pad and opt in to the beta here: .

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