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Presenting with Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch
Presenting with Gravity Sketch
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Augmented reality is an inevitable feature within the landscape of future making; and Gravity Sketch is facilitating premiere creation and presentation using this powerful tool.

Designers from across multiple industries have been using both GS and AR to display and present their work in incredible ways over the last few years, and it is only getting easier to do.

New AR Tools

Last Fall we introduced many new features to our platform, including the ability to download files directly from LandingPad that allow you to quickly and easily visualize your work using AR on your mobile device wherever you are. 

Learn more from this brief tutorial below!

Presenting in/out of GS

Presenting with Gravity Sketch enables you to immerse your audience, clients, or customers within your workflow allowing them to better understand the work.

Whether it is footwear, automotive, or entire scenes built for human scale experience; these sketch objects files can be instantly placed into your real environment in just a few simple steps.

The ability to present work in and outside of GS is remarkably versatile. Whether pre-recorded or streaming Live, Gravity Sketch can be paired or tethered to a computer to take presentations into a third dimension.

This video covers some ways to present inside and outside of GS. 


This is in fact a turntable screen recorded directly from LandingPad, no other rendering tool is necessary!

Just one of the incredible ways LandingPad allows you to extend your workflow into beautiful visuals and begin to present your work in really no time at all.

Joey Khamis (@Joey_Khamis_Design on IG) is among the talented designers who have been using GS to project their work into reality using augmented reality.

Within his applications of footwear it is an almost seamless method of presentation. Most designs at 1:1 scale fit perfectly on-screen in front of him as he casually sits at his desk; no standing or clearing of space is needed…

Joey is showing the potential for how communicative a combination of certain tools can be, using Gravity Sketch and OBS studio to seamlessly display his progress, and in real time; which is likely the most exciting part!

Watch more videos of Joey going to work both on Tiktok and Instagram.

Upcoming Events

AROUND: The Conference is a gathering of designers amidst numerous industries to actively evolve the conversations around design processes in order to make them more enjoyable, accessible, and ultimately more efficient.

The inaugural sessions happened back in 2021, with virtual presentations given from professionals across the globe, displaying in what ways they are using GS to revolutionize their workflows. Take a look at some highlights from last year

AROUND 2022 is going to be another exciting moment to break down how we can advance contemporary tools like VR and AR into every industry, all for the sake of a more inspiring and momentous creative process! Stay tuned for exact dates and guests to be announced for later this year.

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Thank you for checking in; and don’t hesitate to integrate AR into your workflow–now that Gravity Sketch is making it easier than ever before.

Also be sure to follow @gravitysketch on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates on what is going on in our community, as well as subscribing to our YouTube channel for more in depth tutorials, workflow videos, and helpful tips and tricks towards product features!

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