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How to join Gravity Sketch’s beta programs

As a member of the Gravity Sketch community you’re invited to help shape and support the product with your feedback. You can get your hands on upcoming releases before general release through our beta program, and let us know how it’s working with your personal workflow.

Gravity Sketch
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The current version of Gravity Sketch beta (v6.0) focuses on a refreshed user experience that includes a newly added brush library, new quick access to tools, a selection tool, and new color and materials selection, among other feature updates. 

As beta versions contain unreleased features and functionality that have not gone through the usual review process, there is a chance there may be issues related to stability and performance. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you don’t use any valuable files within the beta versions of Gravity Sketch.


How do I access the Gravity Sketch beta program?

Meta Quest headsets

The Quest Beta is a second version of Gravity Sketch that sits alongside the main release in your quest library via App Lab. To get access to it you need to use this link to the Gravity Sketch beta app and follow the steps:

  1. On the page, click “Add to Library.” 
  2. The beta app will appear in your quest library next time you’re in a headset
  3. Launch it as you would any other app
Gravity Sketch beta for meta quest

Gravity Sketch beta is available for Meta Quest headsets through App Lab

Tethered headsets via Steam

Other brands of headset that run tethered with Steam downloads can also participate in the Gravity Sketch beta program. 

  1. Go to your steam library on a PC
  2. Find and select Gravity Sketch
  3. Locate Settings and select Properties
  4. In Properties, select Betas from the side panel. 
  5. Use the drop-down to select the v6.0.0_beta – testing v6.0.0 beta that’s available to you

Steam library > Gravity Sketch > Settings > Properties >Betas

If your account is part of an Enterprise organization, your access to Gravity Sketch Beta versions may be limited depending on your internal set up.

What is the Gravity Sketch beta program?

To confirm that the product we are creating is supporting users’ workflow needs, we occasionally share new features, functionality and fixes ahead of general release. This ensures that what is being developed impacts your workflow in a positive way, and that the voice of the community is reflected in the product. It’s entirely optional to opt into a beta release, and the standard versions of the Gravity Sketch app will continue to work as usual until any new features are widely rolled out across all users. 

From participating in the beta program we encourage your feedback in letting us know what you love, what needs improvement, and whether or not it will work within your current workflow.

How do I provide feedback?

On Discord

You can leave any feedback you have on the dedicated Gravity Sketch Discord channel #v6-beta-feedback

By form

You can also let us know about your experience with the latest Gravity Sketch beta version by filling in this beta feedback form.

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