Gravity Sketch’s 2nd major update is HERE!

More expressive geometry algorithms and a suite of fresh tools and features to enable higher quality, faster and more effective real-time 3D content creation.

Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch’s 2nd major update is HERE!
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Gravity Sketch Version 1.5, artwork designed by Mike Jelinek

We have officially launched the second major update to Gravity Sketch! Our latest version brings a number of new developments and feature upgrades to create a closer connection between our users and their tools.

Our community of users have been at the core of our developments. We really value and take on board ALL of your feedback — so keep it coming!

So what’s new?

Grouping: Now you can group sketch objects.

Taper Mode: A new mode has been added to the Ink tool. Curves have tapered ends.

Edit Normals: Adjust normals of a curve to twist it more dynamically.

Bridge Curves Mode: Create a surface that connects two curves or edges of other surfaces. It will automatically patch two curves, splines, or surface edges together.

Volume Tool: The tool allows you to create a volumetric mesh solid instantly.

Superellipsoid: New Primitive geometry — extra control points are available as parameters if you are editing Superellipsoid.

Sketch Material Access: Replacement to colour history, allows you to much more accurately re-use materials in your current sketch, appears below the colour wheel.

Screenshot Options: Screenshot Camera.

Orthographic Viewport (Pro/Studio): Allows you to view your model from top, front, or side. Grab a panel from any side of the viewport box and bring it into your sketch and take screenshots.

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