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Gravity Sketch Release 6.2

Gravity Sketch 6.2 brings a series of exciting updates to the product; these are aimed at helping you become more productive in your workflow, and communicating your work seamlessly with stakeholders. Let's take a look at some of the highlights...

Gravity Sketch
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Get exports right on the first go with Export Presets

Exporting to your favorite tools requires specific export settings for each, so to make things easier we’ve introduced a few common export options with preset configurations. All you need to do is choose the right tool and function, and at the click of a button you’re done. 

For example you’ll see options like “Blender – Modelling” and “VRED” available on the export menu. 

We’d be interested in hearing about other common export flows you’d like to see on this list so we can continue to build on it and improve your export experience!

Organize your work with Layer Groups

This has been a hotly requested feature that we’re very excited to announce: you’ll now have the ability to group layers in VR! With this feature you’ll be able to create nested layers to one additional level.

This will help control, navigate, show / hide design elements at a layer level for more efficient organization of your work, as well as easier presentation during design reviews.

Export Subdivision meshes in FBX, for easier integration of Gravity Sketch into your workflow

The SubD control mesh now contains metadata, so other software such as Blender or Alias can read it directly. This means you no longer need to separate SubD objects out into different layers and export separately: just one export is needed for the whole file.

As part of this, we have also fixed some edge cases around how we crease objects to make them in line with industry standards.

Note: This might mean you notice some creased objects showing up differently in the Gravity Sketch app. This will only happen in some edge cases, and it will be in line with what you would see when exporting the file to other software. As a workaround: add more edge loops closer to the crease to get the sharper visual edge you’re looking for.

We’ve also made some fixes so baked thickened / offset subdivision objects now look identical to their pre-baked counterparts.

Get a full list of updates and bug fixes from 6.2

Read the release notes

Move and manipulate objects easily with an improved Selection Tool

You can now duplicate objects while moving them using the Selection Tool Gumball.

We also improved the experience of selection: the default mode will be through a ‘bounding box’ where as you drag the box, everything within the box will be added to the selection. Hold the shift trigger while selecting to add to an existing selection.

You can also choose more options on how to select objects. Access different modes by entering the Selection Tool and then pressing the purple button on your non drawing hand to toggle between:

  • Selection Mode: choose between box select or paint
  • Bounding Box: show a bounding box of what you have selected
  • Show Gumball: display the gumball in the tool
  • Select Groups: select individual items from groups or the whole group (like precise select in Illustrator)

Also, holding the non-drawing hand trigger (the “shift” trigger) when grabbing & moving objects will now display a bounding box which can be used to snap to axes and the stage floor, if enabled.

Section Tool

Communicate design detail to others with Cross Section View

Here’s a new tool to try! Navigate to your Toolbox by pressing the tools button on your drawing hand controller and select the Section Tool to give it a try! We’ve added a tool that enables you to take cross sections of an object – for example to take measurements and screenshots to communicate with your manufacturing partners.

Navigate to your Toolbox by pressing the tools button on your drawing hand controller and select the Section Tool to give it a try!

Section Tool (1)

Explore 6.2 for yourself

Feedback from the community is always key in helping us develop new sets of tools and improvements. So we’d love for you to get stuck in to 6.2, and try out the new updates for yourself.

If you’re not already, don’t forget to connect with the rest of the Gravity Sketch community on DiscordInstagram, and YouTube where you can share your designs and feedback with likeminded creatives and the Gravity Sketch team.

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