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Gravity Sketch Release 6.1

Gravity Sketch 6.1 comes packed with new enhancements to improve rendering quality and make your models come to life in Gravity Sketch, as well as simplified import and export flows to make integrating with other design tools even easier.

Gravity Sketch
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With Gravity Sketch 6.1, designers can…

Create even more realistic designs

Push your designs further in Gravity Sketch with features that make it easy to create realistic, high quality renders.

New glossy material can make metallic or reflective products look even more realistic. Pro tip: Use this new material with an HDR to really see your designs come to life.

Shadows are now available on all standalone headsets, to add dimension to your designs. We recommend using shadows in AR Passthrough mode to add a new level of real-world perspective to your designs.

The new Universal Rendering Pipeline will make rendering quality of your designs nearly universal no matter what device you’re using Gravity Sketch on. Now, you can review and show off your models tethered or untethered, in VR or on desktop, and they should look consistent.

Import and export images and models with ease

We’ve simplified the import and export panels in VR to make it even smoother to move assets into and out of Gravity Sketch.

What’s changed for import: Import reference images, prefabs, images, and models all from the unified import panel, with precise controls to get imports in the right position, with preset dimensions before you drop it into your sketch.

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What’s changed for export: The new export panel interface makes it easier to get through the steps to export your models with the precision you need to keep working in other tools. Export has also been added to your quick access buttons for an easier workflow.


Explore the update for yourself

While those are the highlights, that’s not all Gravity Sketch 6.1 has to offer. Check out our full release notes on the Gravity Sketch help centre to make sure you don’t miss an update. Ready to show off what you create with these new features? Tag Gravity Sketch on social media with the hashtag #GravitySketch6.1 show off your creativity, and get featured on our channel!

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