Gravity Sketch — Introducing Surface

Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch — Introducing Surface
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From the beginning, our goal has been to provide the best sketching experience for our users. We are true believers that developing tools that harness the spatial cognition, empower and enable creatives to quickly and intuitively communicate a 3D concept. Still, we understand the value of 2D sketching, over the years our users have built strong 2D ideation skills and we want to make sure we are giving them all of the tools they require to not only develop a new 3D sketching workflow but to use their existing techniques too. Now used by thousands of designers across the globe; we want to make Gravity Sketch accessible to all creatives not just via VR. As part of the third major update to Gravity Sketch, we are happy to announce the Tablet input mode, a companion to our VR application — Gravity Sketch Surface.

Used alongside your VR set up, the Surface mode will allow users to seamlessly transition from their well established 2D workspace into a 3D spatial workflow preserving their initial stokes and wonderful imperfections of the 2D sketching phase. Using the familiar Wacom tablet, designers can quickly sketch an idea, then slip on a headset to jump straight into their design; edit, manipulate and sketch in 3D. Or vice-versa, start in VR and create a 3D sketch, then jump onto the Surface mode to add details and evaluate your design.

How Does It Work?

Check out a walkthrough for Gravity Sketch Surface below!

What do the experts say?

“I’m a very fast and can explore a lot of ideas in 2D, having the power to take a 2D sketch into 3D using the initial strokes is a game-changer, the team has bridged the gap from 2D to 3D in the surprisingly intuitive way”
– Jama Jurabaev

Octane render of model designed in Gravity Sketch Wacom by Jama
Octane Render from Jama
Screenshot of model designed in Gravity Sketch Wacom by Jama
Screenshot from Gravity Sketch Wacom by Jama

How much more power will I need?

Our goal when creating the Surface tool was to allow designers to obtain the most out of their set up. That’s why we are happy to share that Gravity Sketch Surface does not require additional graphical power to run alongside your current VR set up and Wacom Tablet.

Note: You will still need a VR ready computer to run Gravity Sketch Surface

Can it work Standalone?

At this current time, the Surface mode is a feature built to work alongside VR, however, our goal is to build this out into a standalone version with the support of users and feedback from our community. We see an opportunity to deliver a great 3D sketching experience through 2D input which has been a challenge for many years. The date of our standalone desktop/Wacom tablet version has yet to be set but will arrive within the year.

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