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Gravity Sketch Fall Update

Gravity Sketch
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Our goal as a company has always been to listen to Gravity Sketch’s community. Well, we’ve been quite busy over the past few months working on new features for Gravity Sketch and LandingPad based on your feedback, and we felt it was a good time to share some of the improvements we’ve made. Let us know what you think in our discord server or helpdesk.

Redesigned Lobby and File Manager

We have redesigned the Gravity Sketch lobby to make it easier to use, and we completely overhauled the file manager. You can now search for files by name, or even file type. In addition you can also reorganize files right from within the file manager in virtual reality.

Measurements Tool

This has been a highly requested feature and so we worked hard to make a powerful measurements tool that enables you to add dimensions to any part of your design. You can now design with more accuracy and information than before.

Custom HDR Images

You can now import your own custom HDR images to your project through LandingPad or from your computer. This lets you model in your own custom environment.

USDZ and GLTF Export from LandingPad

You can now take your creations that you made in virtual reality and see them in the real world by using the USDZ or GLTF File export from LandingPad. These are file types specifically created for augmented reality (AR), and once downloaded from LandingPad, can be used with any iOS or android device that supports AR.

SubD performance improvements

In addition to features, the team has also dramatically enhanced the performance of SubD surfaces, resulting in a 10X improvement, which is especially important for Oculus Quest users. Now quest user can open and work with even more complex files.

As always, don’t forget to tag us when sharing your work by using the #GravitySketch hashtag.

Business customers

Single Sign On

Business customers can now make it easier for their teams to use landingpad with single sign on.

Teams feature

We now have an all new teams feature enabling you to work more efficiently with your colleagues.

Templates beta

We’ve been working on new templates to help you get started even faster.

For more information on these features as well as pricing, feel free to contact us here.

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