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Gravity Sketch is available on Meta Quest 3

We’re thrilled to announce that Gravity Sketch has officially launched on Meta Quest 3, continuing our mission to unleash designers’ creativity in 3D, and revolutionize traditional design workflows.

Gravity Sketch
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Gravity Sketch was created when co-founders Oluwaseyi Sosanya and Daniela Paredes saw the incredible impact communicating in 3D could have on the way we design and build real-world products. Designers have to teach themselves how to piecemeal a vision with 2D design tools, and try to rally others around that vision with collaboration tools that weren’t built for designers.

Gravity Sketch has set out to revolutionize the design process. 3D design redefines what a sketch can be: 3D doesn’t need to be reserved for the technical details at the “last mile” of a design workflow. Designers can explore their ideas just as they imagine them: with the proportion, dimension, and form of a 3D object powered by spatial computing.

The launch of the Meta Quest 3 will continue to dramatically improve the VR experience for creatives, and further democratize VR within the design industry as a whole.

Here’s what Gravity Sketch users have to look forward to with the Meta Quest 3:

  • Improved color passthrough to make augmented reality an even better tool for creating and reviewing designs in real-world context.
  • More power and higher resolution to handle larger, more complex sketches with even better resolution. Here’s how the specs break down: Quest 2 offers 1832 x 1920 resolution per eye, while the Quest 3 offers 2064 x 2208 resolution per eye.
  • More comfortable design and a new strap system improves the fit on your head, which means more freedom to design without hardware slowing you down.
  • New light-weight controllers without the rings make form factor easier and more transportable.

One thing to note, from our team: The additional comfort strap is worth the purchase, especially for our creatives spending hours getting lost in their designs. It drastically improves the comfort of the Quest 3, so we recommend factoring that into your budget.

    Meta’s pace of innovation is unlocking new levels for Gravity Sketch. As CEO Seyi Sosanya says,

    “Meta is improving the tech in this space at a pace we’ve never seen before. Think about how long it took us to get from the first Nokia to the iPhone, or even the first generation iPhone to today — we’re talking well over a decade. The speed that Meta is getting this technology in the hands of consumers is really impressive. And for Gravity Sketch, this means that we can just keep raising the ceiling on the software we’re developing for our users at the same rapid pace.”

    As Meta continues to push technical advancements in virtual and mixed reality, that opens more green space for Gravity Sketch to experiment with how those advancements can benefit creatives. The enhanced power and resolution of Quest 3 is already elevating the designer’s creativity, and the control they have over communicating their ideas. Looking forward, Gravity Sketch will continue experimenting with what other hardware innovations mean for design: For example, how can a designer leverage hand tracking to get even more connected with their ideas?

    Curious to know more about how the Quest 3 can impact your design process? Join the discussion in the Gravity Sketch Discord, or Instagram.

    Order the Meta Quest 3 today, and start experiencing the power of 3D creativity with Gravity Sketch on the newest VR headset for creators.

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