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Gravity Sketch 6.0: putting the right tools at your fingertips, right when you need them

Gravity Sketch 6.0 is here, the release includes a new and improved UI containing feature enhancements, small bug fixes, as well as key new experiences — all with the aim of giving designers more intuitive access to the tools they need throughout the journey of their workflow.

Gravity Sketch
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Gravity Sketch provides designers with the most intuitive way to communicate and iterate on creative designs. From first expressing initial ideas, to refining them, Gravity Sketch can bring everyone together in a virtual studio to explore ideas from all angles, and shape the final direction.

With Gravity Sketch 6.0, users are introduced to new experiences to enable seamless expression and iteration of your design ideas. These experiences include a change to the UI with easier access to tools when and where you need them in your workflow. Having the right tools at your fingertips is essential in maintaining your flow state and creating something truly innovative.

There are also a host of new features and enhancements to make the most of your time creating in VR.

Watch the 6.0 webinar replay to see the new features in action, and how they can enhance your workflow

Building alongside the Gravity Sketch community

6.0 is the product of maintaining consistent conversations with the Gravity Sketch community, understanding their workflows, and what will make the creation process more seamless for individuals and the companies that use it. Our community is an essential part of informing the direction of releases, so we continue to build alongside them to fully support their innovation.

An extensive beta release of 6.0 in April provided the feedback needed to validate the approach taken to improve the VR experience. We were able to gauge from community feedback what was working, and what needed further improvement ready for this full release of 6.0.

It all starts with a sketch

Expressing your ideas is the first step in getting a product to market. This communication to yourself and others starts the conversation around the possibilities of what could be. Accurately and creatively communicating your design ideas and solutions shouldn’t be laborious, so Gravity Sketch 6.0 focuses on the intuitive tools needed to express those early, unrefined ideas, in 3D.

Instant expression with the brush library

You can easily access your brushes in one click, and establish up to six presets that suit your workflow. Your go-to brushes will always be on hand so when you jump into a studio you can start expressing your ideas immediately, without digging through layers of tool panels and drop downs. Every stroke you create is built with geometry, giving it longevity across your workflow and downstream software.

Quick access to colors and materials

Access to the color wheel is now faster with one click from the non-drawing hand to alter the color and transparency of active tools. You also have the opportunity to create a palette of your go-to colors and materials to enhance designs with presets that stay in place across sessions. This helps you maintain continuity across the design idea, and easily experiment with different colorways.

It takes a team to refine a design

The refinement of designs needs everyone brought in to understand and help shape the direction. The more eyes on the design process, the better; everyone gets on the same page faster moving the product closer to market. Gravity Sketch brings teams together in VR or via screen to build out ideas with surfacing and modeling tools. Gravity Sketch 6.0 continues to support this and make reviews and conversations in VR more intuitive.

Dive into the toolbox

Toolbelt is being replaced with the new Toolbox, where you’ll have instant and intuitive access to some key tools for refining and iterating on designs. Just a click away, the new Toolbox contains sketch, measure, selection, teleport, laser pointer and colors and materials. So you and team members collaborating together in VR can access the tools you need to refine and iterate on designs together.

Review Mode (beta)

For stakeholders who are intending to review work in VR, and not get directly involved in the creation process, review mode provides limited controls that allow you to point with a laser, teleport, and jump between view points with the thumbstick. This means they can focus on your creation and provide feedback, distraction free.

How to update your instance of Gravity Sketch to 6.0

Most instances of the app will have automatically updated. This includes desktop versions, and those downloaded from the Steam and Quest stores.

If your version of the app doesn’t automatically update you can try one the following:

  • Go to your headset’s app library, and find Gravity Sketch. Follow the prompts to update.
  • Tether your headset and log into your LandingPad account. Click your profile icon in the top right. Select “download Gravity Sketch” from the dropdown.
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