Gravity Sketch’s 3rd Major Update

Announcing the third major update to Gravity Sketch!

Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch’s 3rd Major Update
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We are proud to announce the launch of the third major update to Gravity Sketch! Over the past couple of months, our team has been hard at work, expanding the capability and stability of Gravity Sketch. Developed alongside our fantastic community, Gravity Sketch is increasingly becoming the Immersive ideation tool of choice for designers around the world.

Our community has been the heart and soul of the development cycle here at Gravity Sketch. They have provided invaluable feedback, support and time to help us deliver a 3D design tool like no other.

What awesome features does this update pack?

  • Instant Prefab: Create a Prefab simply by dropping your sketch geometry into Import Models window. This bakes the mirrored parts so you can edit them separately.
  • Import GRS Models at Runtime: Import another GRS file into your scene. Drop sketch files into your Import Library folder to see them on Import Models UI.
  • Surface input integration (BETA): 2D sketching in Gravity Sketch (e.g. on a Wacom tablet). Enable Pad app toggle on the main menu of the computer screen to activate Pad mode.
  • Save tool settings: Now you can save your tool options and preferences in a profile.
  • Rejigged Settings menu layout: Startup options are merged to Sketch settings menu so you can change all options without exiting the session. Also Workspaces menu is now more accessible.
  • Folder structure support for Import Models & Reference Images: Easier file organisation with folders
  • Position external camera in VR: Now you can grab and move the external camera inside VR.
  • Small Grabber: You can make Grabber smaller than the default size.
  • Stage floor: Add a surface under your sketch.
  • Reset thickness: Reset ink tool thickness to make them a stroke.
  • Surface screenshot (Gravity Sketch Pro/Studio): Make a screenshot as an editable surface (simply grab and activate the control points)

Alongside the features detailed above, we have also included a number of improvements/enhancements to the overall performance and UI design of Gravity Sketch.

You can access all these features by downloading Gravity Sketch from one of the stores – links in the list below:

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