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Collaborate in Gravity Sketch. Introducing LandingPad Collab!

We are thrilled to finally be able to release this beast of a feature, and see what spatial collaboration means to the GS community!

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Design and creativity is not a solo job, design is not just done by designers, it is a collaborative journey that involves many voices. Communication is the cornerstone of any design process, and we are on a mission to give teams the power to communicate ideas spatially from anywhere, anytime.

For the past three years, we have built and deployed collaboration tools to our business customers. We studied the design process of vehicle and industrial designers as well as concept artists in the entertainment industry. We have been optimizing the collaboration engine over this time so that we could bring these features to a much wider audience. We are pleased to announce that the day has come.

Starting today, we are bringing LandingPad Collab to all Gravity Sketch users. All you need is a free LandingPad account and a VR headset.

What is LandingPad Collab?

LandingPad Collab allows users to create a personal collaboration space, or as we call it, a collaboration room in which the user can invite others for creation and collaboration in real-time. In order to create or join a room, each user will need a free LandingPad.me account.

With our initial roll out of LandingPad Collab, each user will have the following capabilities:

  • One personal collaboration room per user
  • Maximum of 4 users in a collaboration room
  • All invitees to the collaboration room have full edit permission
  • 1GB cloud storage per user

What is the difference between LandingPad Collab (free) and Collab for Business?

Collab for Business has been used by companies for the past three years and comes with a variety of functionality to cater for larger team use cases as well as the data security, IP management, and support requirements of businesses:

Collaboration functionality:

  • Unlimited collaboration rooms
  • Option to extend to 10 concurrent users in a collaboration room
  • 5GB cloud storage per user
  • Full content ownership: control who is able to save and download the contents of a room by adding invitees as reviewers or viewers
  • Company- or Team-wide design systems, so everyone can have access to the same reference images, UI library, etc

Security and IP:

  • User management: create sub-teams and control who has access to which collaboration room, and with which level of permissions (e.g., edit or view only)
  • Audit trail for changes to user information and collaboration rooms for internal IT security and insurance requirements
  • SSO + advanced security measures
  • Business licensing terms: warranties, coverage for liabilities, uptime guarantees

Business users also have a dedicated customer success manager with premium support levels and 1:1 training.

What does this mean for our Business customers?

The free version of LandingPad Collab doesn’t change anything for customers of Collab for Business. Access to our full Business feature set will remain along with product warranties, coverage for liabilities, uptime guarantees, and support levels that have been agreed.

Businesses that are interested in learning about the feature set and technology can now try it out using the free version, to learn how the platform fits into their workflow.

For teams that are ready to jump into the business version of Collab: please don’t hesitate to get in touch at enterprise@gravitysketch.com.

How can I stay close to the development of Gravity Sketch?

For those of you who have been with us on this journey, it is no secret by now that we cannot do this without you. The feature set that you will have access to is what we have best identified as the most flexible and accessible without incurring unmanageable cost and technical debt; we are prepared for a ton of feedback as each of your workflows slightly vary and you will inevitably need some functionality we currently don’t offer. Your voice in the early stages of the rollout will directly lead to product improvements and feature developments so please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know your thoughts. These insights into your workflow will help us understand what we need to build to generate wider professional adoption, which will lead to a much more inclusive platform.

Ask more from us as we continue to develop, show your support through using the tool and letting us know pain points, and help the rest of the community get up to speed by sharing your work and experience on social platforms:

Plug into the community on Discord, Instagram, and YouTube, where you can contribute to the discussion and share your inspirational work.

As always we are truly excited and grateful to be a part of this growing creative community and look forward to working with all of you during the rollout and future updates.

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