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Changes to the Free Gravity Sketch product offering

Starting February 26th, 2024, collaboration capabilities and 3D file downloads will be limited for free users. Our philosophy has been to include a wide range of creative voices in the direction and focus of the business to build a truly democratic 3D design and collaboration workflow experience unlike nothing before.

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From day one, we worked hand in hand with the community to bring the Gravity Sketch to life, we collaborated with early adopters over Steam Beta apps and invited students to our studio to test unreleased builds. We have iterated with each update to get to where we are today and we never plan to stop.

As designers ourselves we struggled for years working with traditional software packages, finding the rigid experiences hard to capture ideas trapped in our heads and communicate them to our peers and downstream stakeholders. We soon found that a wide spectrum of creatives face similar problems and we could build a truly amazing set of tools to support more than the industrial design workflow. Your support has been instrumental in the iteration and development of each update and unparalleled in building awareness of this 3D design movement.

As we grow, we will maintain a strong focus on the community’s well-being alongside our business health, to ensure that we can keep building and providing an amazing product to all users. 

In the coming months, we will be adding some restrictions to the free product that differentiate how individual creatives vs. businesses use the platform. For individual users, you should feel no impact to your creative flow. We do understand that there are a variety of workflows that this may touch and we want to make sure that we communicate these upfront so we can iterate and get to the best position possible. Many of you were among the first to bring Gravity Sketch into your creative workflows, providing feedback, and helping shape product development;  we want to continue working with you to get to the best possible free product.

What does this mean for you?

All creation tools and workflow functionality will remain available in the free product: geometry, ink, stroke, surfacing, layers, etc. We find that enterprise design teams disproportionally use the collaboration and LandingPad file download services to integrate Gravity Sketch into their downstream workflow. We’ve always provided these services with some restrictions, but as the user base expands, we cannot continue to support the current restrictions with the level of usage we are experiencing with the free product offering. We are making our second iteration to the limits of these services as opposed to introducing unnecessary product friction that may break the creative flow.

Individual early adopters will be supported as free users of the product. However, if your team or your business is using Gravity Sketch to deliver products to market, this will affect you. We have iterated on our available pricing options to try and accommodate a wide range of customer use cases, and are happy to have discussions around how to find the right plan for your team. 

These changes are never easy for us, we won’t get this right the first time. We will iterate on this over the year to define the best breakdown possible between our free and paid products. We don’t plan to monetize individual users at this moment; If you are an individual user that gets caught in the changes, please reach out to us and we will do our best to expeditiously unlock any gated functionality; and in exchange we’d like to learn as much as we can about your individual use case. When the time comes that we have a pricing model available for individual creatives, we will communicate and try to work with you to develop the best possible solution for the community, and for the business viability of Gravity Sketch. Together we will make the best solution so that we can maintain and continue to build a great product and you continue to get great value from it.

Find out more about the changes to the Free product and business plans

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