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There’s little we love more at Gravity Sketch than giving members of the creative community a platform to highlight their process and innovation. Building on the success of the Around 3D Design Festival, we're continuing to share designers' stories with the launch of the Around Design podcast. Join Gravity Sketch Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer Daniela Paredes as she interviews some of the most notable designers working in industry today.

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Across nine episodes released weekly, Gravity Sketch Co-founder and CXO Daniela Paredes interviews some of the most innovative designers working in industry; she uncovers the initiatives, tools, and processes that are being used to support better communication of design intent to customers and cross-functional teams – resulting in more impactful products.

List of guests in the series

Around Design Podcast host: Daniela Paredes

As someone who enjoys breaking barriers and is continuously seeking to generate positive change in the design world, Daniela set about providing designers with a better way of communicating product ideas: along with Co-founder Seyi Sosanya she created Gravity Sketch, which earned her recognition as one of the most innovative women in the UK. Today, Gravity Sketch is used by industry-leaders in automotive, footwear, and industrial design to turn great ideas into great products: designers are able to create and communicate in 3D from the beginning stages of their workflows.

Having previously worked as an industrial designer, Daniela is all too familiar with the highs, lows and complexities of the design process. She runs and hosts the annual Around Design Festival which provides a space for the creative community to get inspired and learn from each other surrounding 3D workflows. In her conversations throughout the Around Design podcast series, she encourages guests to give their unique takes on aspects of the common design experience, as well as share her point of view along the way.

Hear from design leaders

Design career journeys

From always knowing they wanted to be a designer, to beginning their careers in different industries – no two designers’ career paths are the exact same. As part of each episode in the podcast series, Daniela digs into where guests first entered the world of design, and what the journey looked like to get to where they are now. 

Guests discuss the skills they think were key for their success, as well as the balance they needed to strike between different areas of focus in the design process. For the next generation of young designers, these stories are a treasure trove of career advice, and reveal what many successful designers wish they knew earlier on.

Process and workflows

By nature, designers are curious to continue learning and perfecting their workflows, this means a constantly adapted and refined approach to their design briefs. Guests in the series are always looking for new ways to bring their ideas to life, and experiment with new sources of inspiration and innovation. 

We hear the latest tools and ways of working, and how it differentiates the designers’ work. Guests reveal the revelations they had with working in new ways, and which tools stood the test of time in their personal process.

Communication of ideas                                            

It isn’t just the designer involved in the design of products; the relationships between stakeholders, cross-functional teams, and other creatives in bringing a product to life means setting up a constant line of communication. Most complex of workflow conversations is the communication of design intent — Daniela discusses this with guests to better understand the ways in which common understanding of an idea can be achieved across a process.

Where to listen

Whether you’re a seasoned designer looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques, or at the start of your design career, Around Design can help navigate what it takes to create truly innovative and impactful designs.

New episodes of the Around Design Podcast are released each week, and can be found on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts among other streaming platforms.

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