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Alyssa Duhart’s Future of Head Safety Design: #GravitySketchChallenge Winner

Take a look at the winning design from the September 2023 community challenge. The brief was to design the future of head safety. You can contribute your design to the next challenge by heading to the #GravitySketchChallenge tag on Instagram

Gravity Sketch
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Alyssa wanted to take an inclusive approach to the design of the head safety device, in particular considering all hair types of consumers. This was sparked by reflecting on her own experiences of using bicycle helmets and the related discomfort.

The design process

Pen & paper > Adobe illustrator > Gravity Sketch

Sketches: With pen and paper, Alyssa ideated on a series of sketches, finalizing and refining the overall structure and form she wanted to pursue.

Digital sketches: Using an Ipad and Adobe Illustrator, the sketches were refined further and colors and materials were experimented with.

Concept model: To get the correct proportions of her idea in 3D, she imported the digital sketches into Gravity Sketch. She lined up the digital sketch with the mannequin and replicated the shape of the sketch line work in 3D.  Mirror mode was then used to form the basis of a model.

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Key features of the design

A hard shell exterior of the helmet is shown in cream, with the black and orange parts of the design representing the interior parts. Alyssa wanted the black section of the interior to be made from a stretch silk knit fabric. This would allow all types of hair to be held in that section comfortably, before reaching the head guard in orange and cream outer shell.

The digital eye shield makes it easy for cyclists to track performance data in the periphery, displaying heart rate, GPS and mileage and needed.

Gravity Sketch spoke to Alyssa in depth about her design on Instagram live:

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