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Adrian Corrales Cragg’s Chair Design: #GravitySketchChallenge Winner

Take a look at the winning design from the October 2023 community challenge. The brief was to design chair in the style of your favorite artist. You can contribute your design to the next challenge by heading to the #GravitySketchChallenge tag on Instagram

Gravity Sketch
Adrian Corrales Cragg’s Chair Design: #GravitySketchChallenge Winner
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Designer Adrian Corrales Cragg created a chair design for the challenge that took inspiration from Gaudi, known for his meticulous observation of nature’s beauty. Adrian describes the Monadrian chair as “more than just furniture; it embodies the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, resulting in something truly extraordinary”.

The design process

Throughout the course of this project, Adrian undertook a comprehensive journey of research and skill acquisition, largely informed by prior experiences working for Blissmobil, a company renowned for its expertise in manufacturing expedition vehicles.

The amalgamation of various design and production techniques became a defining aspect of putting the work together. As with any venture, challenges invariably showed up along the way. The task of seamlessly integrating diverse technologies and design concepts within a single chair’s framework unfolded across a many steps. Adrian described his patience as “the guiding light in the design process, making sure that the chair not only met the criteria of comfort and functionality but was also inherently viable for practical, real-world manufacturing”.


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Key features of the design

Firstly, a biomorphic structure, an ode to the human pelvis, gracefully blends a three-legged chair with the hand rests, meticulously wrought from metal.

Secondly, an apron and lumbar support system, bathed in warm wooden tones, delicately orchestrates a harmonious transition, marrying comfort, relaxation, and elegant aesthetics.

Lastly, Adrian focused on unifying the pelvis with the human spine. The backrest has two structural pieces: the outer one serving aesthetics and the inner for structural support, holding the headrest and the adaptable leather upholstery.


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