Winners of the GravitySketchmas 2019 Competition

We announce the winners of this year's GravitySketchmas competition.

Winners of the GravitySketchmas 2019 Competition
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It wouldn’t be right to hold a Christmas-themed competition and announce the winners straight after Christmas. That’s no fun. Instead we like to announce the winners shortly before the first day of spring. So here are the winners:

1st Place: Min Guen

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This is my submission for Gravity Sketch's challenge "GravitySketchmas 2019". . I've always been a big fan of ships and wanted to create something as HMS Sovereign of the Seas. My goal wasn't to make a 1:1 scale model but to make a smaller miniature version that still suggests the level of detail and complexity of shapes. Something simpler, but not primitive. I must say, it's been nothing but a very fun experience creating all the ropes, sails and ornaments of the ship. The result exceeded all my expectations and I am excited to do more complex models in VR. Will follow up with some process vids. . . . #gravitysketch #gravitysketchmas #oculusquest #oculus #blender #b3d #virtualreality #vr #3d #sculpt #conceptart #design #sketch #minguen #artdepartment #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday  #instaartist #fantasy #ship #sovereignoftheseas

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Min’s ship blew us away when we first saw it. The size and complexity of the model are a marvel to behold. Min keeps posting large scale, complex works made with Gravity Sketch on his Instagram and we love them. As John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” 

We can’t think of a more deserving winner. Enjoy your Oculus Quest, sir! 

2nd Place: Kate Kyznetsova

Exterior of the house

Kate’s gingerbread house caught our eye because of the exquisite detailing. Her use of the stroke tool makes the white icing look like real icing (yummy). But the kicker is what’s going on in the upstairs window. A group of gnomes are having a tea party around an Oculus Quest, and they have great beards.

Kate, you are the proud recipient of a 1 year Pro License and a Gravity Sketch t-shirt. 

Gnomes having a Quest party

3rd Place: Jakub Kowalczyk


The nightmare of Christmas

Jakub has safely created the scariest Christmas tree scene I have ever seen.  It looks like some Christmas toys came to life after drinking high octane nightmare fuel, and stole Christmas. The designs of the toys are so detailed and the lighting and rendering is superb. Check out the video of how he created the piece.  


Jakub, you are the proud recipient of a 1 year Pro License and a Gravity Sketch t-shirt. 


The toys come alive
See y'all next year...
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