The Winners of our Co-Creation Challenge: Team Thanos!

As a preview of our real-time collaboration feature - Co-Creation - we offered our community the chance to flex their creative skills, as well as their teamwork, in a collaborative challenge.

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The Winners of our Co-Creation Challenge: Team Thanos!
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We launched the Co-Creation challenge on Friday March 20th. Participants were entered into groups with access to a Co-Creation room, and asked to create something on the theme of “collaboration”. The winners receive free early access to Co-Creation on Gravity Sketch.

Team Thanos - Render 2

We received some fantastic entries and they caused much deliberation amongst the Gravity Sketch team, but there can only be one winner: Team Thanos.

Trouble ahead
Facing down a sea creature
Rushing to the pods in the hangar
Scuba divers outside the craft

Their submission is a submersible, underwater craft resembling an enormous manta ray. Inside the craft there are several rooms, sleeping quarters, even smaller ships inside a hangar. The level of detail gone into this piece is incredibly impressive, and the team have managed to build a whole narrative around their project. Indeed, the file is so large that it caused one team member’s Oculus headset to crash just trying to open it.

Co-Creation was one of the early requests from our community, with many designers showing the need to collaborate in real-time with their peers and colleagues. Now, two or more designers, in different studios around the world can meet up in the same virtual room on Gravity Sketch and collaborate on the same project in real-time. Designers, design managers and other teams can use Co-Creation for design reviews too, to make annotations and edits, while assessing designs at 1:1 scale, in an immersive environment.


If you want to see more work by the designers on Team Thanos, you can find their work over on Instagram. 


Thomas Busson @thomas__busson

Anthony Monnoyeur @dust_waves

Yohan Benchetrit @yohan_benchetrit  


If you’d like to learn more about Co-Creation and how it could fit into your workflow, contact the team on our website or our social channels.


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