FAQ: The team answers all your SubD Modeling questions

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FAQ: The team answers all your SubD Modeling questions
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We are proud to announce the public launch of SubD for all Gravity Sketch users on 12th December 2019. To learn about what SubD creation is and how it will benefit you, check out our earlier blog post.

The feature will become automatically available for all existing users on 12th December, however if you can’t wait until then and would like early access to the Beta feature you can create a LandingPad account and opt-in after registration.

For those of you who missed out on our SubD Beta live launch event, here are some common questions that came up and our answers to them.

Supported hardware

Is SubD creation available on Oculus Quest? Will it support Oculus Link?

Yes! The new features are available on all VR headsets currently supported by Gravity Sketch, including Quest. However, the team is working hard on fully optimising SubD for Quest, so some high-poly models might not currently be supported at the 3rd level of subdivision.


Do you have loop selection and deletion?

  • Yes, for both faces and edges.

Is there edge creasing capability?

  • No, however we will be working on this for the 2020 update. Update: this is now available.

Is there vertex snapping? Are the vertices welded when snapped?

  • Yes and yes — simply grab a set of vertices and move them towards the vertices you intend to snap them to.

Can you edit primitive shapes?

  • Currently, you can convert cube, plane, torus, sphere and cylinder primitives to SubD and we plan to expand this set of shapes in the future.

Can you extrude faces? Is there loop extrusion?

  • Yes and yes — to do this, turn on the ‘Auto Select Loops’ option in the menu when editing a SubD object.

Can you merge different SubD meshes?

  • This feature does not exist in the SubD Beta release, however the development team is working hard to try and get it ready for public release on 12th December. Update: this is now available.

    Can you add thickness to the surface?

    • Not yet, but this is also on the road map.

    When dragging an edge to create a new face, is there the option to automatically snap and create the next face?

    • When extruding an edge, press the trigger to create faces while still extruding. You can use this tool to create a series of faces that are snapped to one another.


    Can you input specifically XYZ values for vertices i.e. extrude with an offset?

    • No, this is not possible. However, when you are finished designing in Gravity Sketch, you can export your SubD object as an OBJ and tweak vertex locations in CAD packages.

    Can you toggle wire mesh visibility on and off?

    • Yes, you can do this from the settings panel. There are three options: always on, always off, and only see the wire frame in edit mode.

    Can you bevel edges, insert faces, create holes?

    • You can insert faces and create holes in edit mode. We do not yet support bevelled edges, but this is coming along with creasing.

    Can you customise the UI e.g. custom tool panels where you have everything you need beside you?

    • The ability to customise tool panels does not exist at the moment, however you can grab the panels off your hand and they will stay in place next to you.


    • This is a heavily requested feature that we are bearing in mind for the future pipeline, however due to the size of the project we are unable to provide a timeline on this.

    If you convert NURBS into SubD, can you convert it back to NURBS?

    • No, you can’t. However, you can continue to edit the mesh in Gravity Sketch or any other 3rd party software, including CAD packages.

    Import and export capabilities

    Can you import a model and edit it in SubD?

    • You can import OBJs and convert them to SubD objects, if they have less than 15,000 vertices.
    • We do not recommend converting OBJs with more than a couple of thousand vertices for performance reasons.

    Can you import other models and attach them e.g. ears to the head of a character?

    • At the moment, it is not possible to merge different SubD objects, however once this feature has been added, you will be able to import OBJs, convert them to SubD objects, and merge them with other SubD objects.

    Does SubD support retopologizing for meshes made externally e.g., in ZBrush?

    • No, you need to retopo the mesh before you import it into Gravity Sketch

    If you have any other questions about SubD and the new features, please feel free to join the conversation in our Discord channel. Happy Sketching!

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