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LandingPad launch

Introducing LandingPad, the cloud platform designed for a seamless workflow from VR to desktop: manage, view, and share sketches and 3D files through the browser from device, anywhere.

Dae Ho
LandingPad launch
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We are excited to announce the launch of LandingPad, a web based workflow platform for your design pipeline. Initially designed to support users with mobile VR headsets, LandingPad provides a range of workflow and file management tools through a web browser, including seamless integration with Gravity Sketch, providing seamless access to  files from any device, anywhere.

Key features include:

  • Organise and sort files with a comprehensive range of file management features 
  • Upload reference images (PNG & JPG) and reference 3D models (OBJ files) through the browser to use them in app 
  • View and download your sketches, screenshots, and exported models
  • Share files with others

Over the last few months we have completely overhauled the alpha version of LandingPad to improve the experience and add a number of additional tools:

  • Complete interface design refresh, including a modern user interface
  • File management features: folder support, sorting, and renaming capabilities – edits carry over into the app
  • Drag and drop support for adding files
  • Thumbnail support for all file types
  • Select, delete, and download multiple files

We are also introducing the first draft of the web inspector: view and navigate your creations all through the browser. We plan to continue developing the web inspector, we welcome constructive feedback and feature requests to make this truly a part of your workflow.


See below a video showing just one of the many workflows that are possible by combining LandingPad and Gravity Sketch.

Create your free LandingPad account here

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