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Gravity Sketch Enterprise 2020.1 Release

We are releasing a new build for our Enterprise customers with some fantastic features including Co-Creation and a new setup process.

Dae Ho
Gravity Sketch Enterprise 2020.1 Release
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We are proud to announce the launch of Gravity Sketch Enterprise 2020.1. Since our last update, our team has been hard at work developing new tools and expanding the capabilities to bring you and even better creation experience!

Note: This release is for our enterprise customers with Gravity Sketch installed on-premise on their servers.

What features does Enterprise 2020.1 include?


Co-Creation (Beta) – Designers will be able to meet up in the same project and sketch collaboratively, on site or remotely, with everything happening in real-time. 

Co-Creation groups (Beta) – You will now be able to create “user groups” so the work done by your different teams can be grouped together. You can also control who has access to the data created. For example, a designers’ group and an engineers’ group so that those teams have clear visibility over what their team is working on. As well as this, you can create shared groups to better enable cross-team collaboration. You can enable Co-Creation rooms with users from any group where they can meet and collaborate on projects together. 

1:1 Toggle (Beta) –You can now easily switch to a 1:1 scale view of your design to evaluate life-size proportions, and rotate the sketch at this scale. Then you can toggle back to the previous scale you were working on.

New Video Player for Training – You will now have access to a wide variety of Skills and Workflow tutorials directly inside the app. You will also be able to import bespoke training videos sent by Gravity Sketch or created by your training team. 

SubD – Subdivision modelling – You can now turn on subdivision modelling for surfaces.

Tool Belt (Beta) – You can access the Tool Belt with a single swipe gesture on the right hand controller. This will expand a belt of 6 new tools inside your project. On the tool belt there are six tools that you can try out.

  • Measuring tool
  • Randomiser (Dice)
  • Teleporter (Banana)
  • Colour Picker
  • Paint Brush

Rhino plugin expansion

  • Supports Rhino 6
  • Can import subdivision objects
  • Can import OBJ models
  • Can select file scale 
  • Can import .zip files rather than having to unzip and then import the .grs file
  • Fixes layers being completely expanded on import.

Deduplicate vertices on OBJ/FBX export

  • Add split vertices option in export panel (current functionality)
  • Add weld vertices default export option
  • Fix bug where sketch objects without UVs were incorrectly exported

UX Improvements

  • Menu close animation
  • Shake Menu to close
  • Better distribution of colours on colour picker
  • Cube model for grid
  • Add button to toggle control point menu

Minor Reference Image Folder Browser Fix – The item index didn’t reset on entering a new folder, so sometimes it would show a blank ‘next’ page when it should instead load the first page of items

Improve sketch previews and line rendering

Enable Tip Grabber on Logitech Pens



Server Cluster Functionality – You can now set up Gravity Sketch on multiple servers on-premise, so that if one server crashes, Gravity Sketch automatically switches to running on another server, ensuring a constant connection, and no downtime on the app. 

New IT Setup Process – We have overhauled the setup and installation process to create a more satisfying user experience. We have also added some usage statistics on your Service Provider, so that admin users can understand how much, how often and when Gravity Sketch is being used. All of the information stays on your server, on-premise.

Happy sketching! If you require any training or support, please contact our Customer Success team at enterprise.support@gravitysketch.com.


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