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Expand your Gravity Sketch Workflow on Computer Screen

Gravity Sketch
Expand your Gravity Sketch Workflow on Computer Screen
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Today, we are excited to announce the beta release of Screen Collab.

You can now invite your peers to collaborate in real time from their VR headset, PC or Mac, or leave notes for your team members for when they next access the room.

Some key features:

  • Follow along in someone’s VR view, or move around yourself in the 3D space 
  • Audio chat with participants as if they were all in the same room (screen and VR)
  • Add sticky notes and markups for high-fidelity feedback, right from where your creative process takes place
  • Use a laser pointer and give your peers in VR a guided tour, they will see what you see

All without the need of a virtual reality headset.

If you already have a collab room that you would like to open outside of VR, access it from your Landing Pad and you will see a new option to open it on your desktop. Please make sure you have downloaded Gravity Sketch before trying to enter the collab room.

If you haven’t collaborated on Gravity Sketch yet, first create a new Collab room in VR, start your design and invite new participants. They will be able to join either in VR or on their desktop.

Community users can create up to one collaboration room and invite as many contributors as they want (with a maximum of four real-time participants). For more rooms, check out our education and business plans.

For more details on how to use this new tool, visit Gravity Sketch’s Screen Collab User Guide.

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