Eight Impressive Footwear Designs made with Gravity Sketch

These eight designers are using Gravity Sketch to push the boundaries of traditional footwear, creating bold, stand-out designs.

Eight Impressive Footwear Designs made with Gravity Sketch
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The sketches we produce during the design process are informed by the tools we use to create them. These eight designers are rethinking the traditional footwear design process, and using Gravity Sketch to push the boundaries of what a sketch is. We’ve selected the following designers, who demonstrate how Gravity Sketch Can be used to expand and enhance the ideation process to explore more expressive designs.

Elisa Ella Payer

The loose foot-hugging form of the design suggests elegance, while the laces are looped under what looks like a flexible metallic brace suggests tension and strength in the laced-up shoe. Elisa has previously worked with Under Armour.

Tommy Oleson

This black and white design, with sweeping parabolic curves and high arch support, is very on-trend. The meshes on the upper suggest a breathable material for a running shoe, and the wide, crossed laces under the tongue give this design a unique character. Tommy has worked with ANTA sports products.

Joey Khamis

The melting, watery shapes on the soles of this shoe are an eye-catcher. It’s reminiscent of an aquatic animal, but the thick toe-cap and wide extrusion on the outer heel give the design a sturdy, boot-like feel. Joey works for Reebok.

Oran Sheinman

This laceless design has a ridged texture on the outer of the shoe and jagged sole. The ripped design and cross-hatched texture on the outer gives a unique impression. Oran has previously worked for Adidas.

Linus Lundkvist

The ringed and looped sole of this shoe looks bouncy and alive. Linus is known for his laceless shoe designs with a strong, triangular profile. He has worked with Hummel, H&M, Moods of Norway, USG Brands, Vagabond International and Sneaky Steve.

Nicholas Sharma 

This design features rugged, outdoorsy textures. The black sole looks like it could be made from recycled materials, while the heavy fabric upper looks strong but breathable. Nicholas has previously worked with Adidas.

Brian Rinella

The aquiline profile on this design is reminiscent of roots growing upwards. The curving splines of this design bears all the hallmarks of Gravity Sketch. Brian works for Reebok.

John Gavin 

Image from @jmicgavin Instagram of footwear design with the text,
Image from Instagram @jmicgavin

John Gavin’s concept designs look like they are ready to go into production tomorrow. The sturdy soles on these black and purple concept shoes look like they could be used for bouldering as well as running. Adventurous shoes for the outdoors type. John works for Under Armour. You can check out more of his work on his Instagram @jmicgavin .

To see more of their work be sure to follow them on Instagram. To learn more about how Gravity Sketch can fit into your footwear design workflow, keep an eye out for our upcoming Footwear Design Whitepaper.

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