Designer Spotlight: Kate Kuznetsova

Kate Kuznetsova is a freelance concept artist currently working in Moscow, Russia. She uses Gravity Sketch to create detailed, painterly scenes.

Gravity Sketch
Designer Spotlight: Kate Kuznetsova
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When did you start using Gravity Sketch?

About a year and a half ago

How has Gravity Sketch has impacted your workflow?

GS speeded up my work tremendously. It makes my workflow more efficient and fun. I started to spend more time on creativity and storytelling rather than technical stuff. I love this way of modeling and sculpting in VR and GS makes it so easy!

Image Credit: Kate Kuznetsova

What can we do to get more women involved in design? 

I reckon we as women need more visibility and encouragement. Most of the women I meet in design are very talented and have a strong and unique vision but they are too shy to speak about their work because they think they are just not good enough. It’s always encouraging to know there are more women in art and design to understand that we are not alone. For example, in Moscow we have a group called Ladies, Wine & Design Moscow – a part of worldwide community founded by awesome Jessica Walsh. We discuss women in design, support and inspire each other. I hope soon we’ll have more of that in Russia and in the world!

Image Credit: Kate Kuznetsova

Where are your favorite places to discover new women designers? 

I listen to couple of podcasts, for example The collective podcast by amazing designer and concept artist Ash Thorp. Most of his guests are men but when he invites women I’m so happy to discover them. Instagram and Pinterest also helps me to find new women.

Kate was also the 2nd Place winner of our Gravity Sketchmas competition.

You can check out more of Kate’s work by following her Instagram, @Katewasdrawing

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