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Designer Spotlight: Elisa Payer

Elisa Payer is a footwear / industrial designer, studying Industrial Footwear Design at the Academy of Art University. She currently works as a Footwear Design & Innovation Intern at Deckers Brands.

Gravity Sketch
Designer Spotlight: Elisa Payer
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When did you start using Gravity Sketch?

October 2019.

How has Gravity Sketch impacted your workflow?
Gravity Sketch expanded my creative process in so many areas. It really helps me to create my ideas of what I envision and see beforehand, and then to generate these quickly. Gravity Sketch interestingly opened up some blockades of creating abstract concepts, I got crazier in my design, sort of, I believe that my creativity is in some ways more free.

Are there any women designers you look up to?
There are many women I admire – simply my peers at school, everyone raises their voice and is so strong. I even believe that, for example, that Greta Thunberg falls into the category of design because she created this extremely powerful movement of climate change, fights for our future and the future of our earth. So, within this she is influencing the design community because she is shaping a new form of conscious awareness of how we design.  
Are there barriers for women entering the design industry?
I think it is important not to let anyone change you and tell you that you cannot make it. You are already so powerful as a woman, and you are literally the best version of yourself by being truly you. Your belief about your creation, design and you as a human is what makes you unique. 
A colorful shoe design done in Gravity Sketch by footwear & industrial designer, Elisa Payer
One of Elisa's shoe designs in Gravity Sketch
A shoe design done in Gravity Sketch by footwear & industrial designer, Elisa Payer
Image Credit: Elisa Payer 2019

Check out Elisa’s work on Instagram and on her website

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