CAR-T Cell Competition

Gravity Sketch decided to partner up with two designers (Andreas Turcati & Elene Cid) who are working on a character to explain kids with cancer how the Car-T cell therapy works.
CAR-T Cell Competition

This project was born from the need to visually explain to kids how a new therapy called Car-T cell therapy helps them to fight back against cancer. In simple language, Car-T cells are the T-cells from our immune system, which are reprogrammed in a laboratory and then put back into the body to attack cancer cells.

Our primary target audience are kids with cancer. Even though they are really ill, they just want to be kids.

The work done so far…

The character designed so far is the output of the collaboration with doctors that are working on the Car-T cell therapy. In their opinion the sketch below reflects the scientific quality of a Car-t cell and helps them in explaining to kids how the therapy works.


Note: The initial sketch doesn’t need to be taken as a final visual reference. The look and feel of a Car-T cell has to be designed to resonate within kids between 1-10 years old.

What needs to be designed

We are looking for artists that can give a soul to the initial Car-T cell sketch by creating a 3D character. 

To do so, we need to bring this initial sketch to life in giving facial expressions and a proper outfit. The idea was to create a set of ‘different’ elements to be able to combine them and easily generate multiple cells that are all the same but with some tiny differences. We have identified the following elements (see sketch):

  • Different type of engines 
  • Different shapes of the Chimeric Antigen Receptor (“the hands”)
  • Different facial expressions
  • Different shapes of the Chimeric Antigen Receptor (“the hair style”)

Key information on the Car-T cell

  • There are millions of Car -T cells and they are “all” the “same”
  • Each Car-T cell cannot have a unique skill or a tailored look like (e.g. a superhero)
  • A Car-T cell has good sight, it’s fast, strong and it has an advantage over the catch 
  • A cell must be round

The key characteristic of a Cart-T cell are: 

  • Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)
  • They are smart, technologically advanced
  • They kill cancer cells

Restrictions and licensing in designing Car-T cell character

  • No weapons or any reference to war elements can be used
  • The scientific qualities of the Car-T cell must be reflected in the character
  • In participating on this design challenge you agree to:
    1. A third person owns the Car-T cell character concept 
    2. The output of this design challenge cannot be sold to third party
    3. The output of this design challenge cannot be used to create a brand
    4. The output of this design challenge cannot be used for commercial use


The closing date for entries is midnight, GMT, on Friday 27th March. 

To enter the competition, please email your files to [email protected]. Don’t forget to tag us on social media @GravitySketch.

If you have any questions about the competition, please leave a comment on our social media pages or get in touch via our Discord channel.


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