Svott’s new automotive design workflow

Explore the new automotive design workflow Svott have implemented using Gravity Sketch. Download a free whitepaper to learn more!

Svott’s new automotive design workflow
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Svott provides design development and prototyping services for the automotive and industrial design industry.

Their team has been implementing a new automotive design workflow for an automobile exterior, using two new technologies:

  • Gravity Sketch to create the 3D design concept
  • High speed CNC milling for clay modelling
Automotive design exterior model created in Gravity Sketch using the new automotive design workflow
Exterior design, created in Gravity Sketch

The workflow addresses a number of pain points which exist in Svott’s traditional workflow, namely:

  • The designer being dependent on skills of other modelers (digital and clay)
  • Communication between designer and design support team being too complicated
  • High pressure on flexibility and cost efficiency

Through implementing the new workflow, Svott realised four key benefits:

  • Easier communication: reduced need for the designer to communicate with modelers in early stages as they are working directly in 3D in Gravity Sketch
  • Direct to 3D: working directly in 3D in Gravity Sketch, the designer is able to remove difficulties translating from 2D to 3D by working at the correct proportions at 1:1 scale from the start
  • Early direct feedback: by holding collaborative design reviews in VR in the early stages of the process, high quality feedback is obtained earlier
  • Faster and lower cost: 40% less elapsed time compared to the traditional workflow, and 60% reduction in man-hours

The video below shows the end-to-end process of the new workflow.

After finishing the exterior project, Svott also produced an interior concept sketch inside the model. By creating this initial sketch at 1:1 scale in VR, they were able to test for ergonomics, reach envelopes, vision angles, and pillar obscuration at this early concept stage.


Download the whitepaper by filling out the form below to learn more about:

  • The pain points solved by the new workflow
  • The cost and time savings made
  • The process followed, with detailed explanations of each stage
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Example content from the whitepaper on the automotive design workflow
Example content from the whitepaper
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