Beta Access

Gravity Sketch VR Beta is now open to the public. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of how you would like to use the tool in order for us to deliver the best 3D creation experience at launch. We have a LIMITED number of seats available and will be closing the beta once they are gone.

We are offering access to your STEAM account through a CD KEY. Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive hardware are supported with this beta version.

With your contribution you are gaining permanent access to Gravity Sketch prior to launch. Gravity Sketch is already a fully functional 3D creation tool. We have tested with hundreds of users. The software is not yet complete but it is in a great place for a wide variety of users to create some amazing work in VR and weigh in on some of the new and exciting features we are developing for the official launch.

All Gone! Check back soon!

We have filled up our spaces for this round of beta testers. We plan to open again before launch.

If you are interested in being involved in the next round of testers please enter your email below.



When will you officially launch Gravity Sketch VR?

– We do not have an official launch date.

When are you launching the Oculus version?

– We offer full Oculus CV1 with Touch support through Steam; therefore you can use your Oculus today with your Steam account. We will be native on the Oculus store with a beta version quite soon.

What if I don’t have a Vive or Oculus?

– Gravity Sketch VR is specifically designed for these two headsets. You can support our development here as well. We will be launching Mobile VR and Android in the future.

How does this version differ from the final?

– The final version will have additional tools and features. Your participation in this public beta will bring your voice into the conversation about what we add and further develop.

How much will it cost at launch?

– We have not yet determined our final pricing strategy for Gravity Sketch.

Will this beta key expire?

– Contributing through our beta grants you unlimited access to Gravity Sketch through Steam.

Do beta testers get access to the full version for free or reduced cost?

– The key you receive through contribution will give you access to the most recent full feature version of Gravity Sketch and is valid through to our full Steam Launch (stays valid).

How is my contribution used?

– Your contribution will be used in the further development of Gravity Sketch based on the feedback we receive.

– Contributions will also go towards building more resources for the beta community.