Gravity Sketch is an intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool. Users can create amazing 3D models, scenes, and art work in a intuitive way. For years 3D design tools have been difficult to learn and a nightmare to use. The Gravity sketch user experience makes sense for all, in turn lowering the barriers to 3D literacy. Gravity Sketch will change the way we create and share 3D content for years to come.

Spatial Intelligence

Think and create in 3D

A fresh take on working in 3D to directly visualise and conceptualise your designs in an immersive environment.

Designed and developed from the ground up for touch and gestural input creating a natural user experience.

Our Design Process


A series of 2D sketches is the traditional way of getting designs out our your mind. With Gravity Sketch, explore these early stage ideas directly in 3D.


A tool that speaks directly to the visual and spatial thinking, Gravity Sketch lowers the barrier to digital 3D design for the creative who is not traditionally trained in CAD.

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We are a London-based startup shaking up the 3D design space and transforming the future of digital creation. With the rapid growth of immersive technology there is an increased demand for the creation of 3D content, however, digital 3D literacy has yet to reach adoption by the masses. At Gravity Sketch we are determined to bridge this gap by delivering intuitive digital creation tools.

Daniela Paredes FuentesCo-Founder

I create experiences that seamlessly and interestingly marry the physical and digital world.


Oluwaseyi SosanyaCo-Founder

I’m fascinated with the creation process and tools that empower people to bring their ideas to life.


Daniel ThomasCTO

My passion is solving problems – the bigger and bolder the better.