Immersive 3D Design

Explore and communicate your ideas directly in 3D though AR and VR.

Powerful & Professional

A tool set meticulously designed to give the shortest distance between your ideas and reality.

Workflow Integration

Export content in a variety of formats giving you the freedom to take your design on to the next phase.

A design tool shaping the future of creation

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive creation tool with a re-imagined user experience specifically designed for mixed reality. Create 3D models, concept drafts, and work in a fast and intuitive way through the use of AR, VR, and Touch technologies.

express 3D concepts IN 3D

Collaborate, Design, and develop ideas directly in VR

Why waste time with complicated CAD tools for early stage creation? With Gravity Sketch there is no need to learn engineering vocabulary and cumbersome keyboard commands.

Design teams innovate and excel using our mixed reality tool. Whether it be automotive, architecture ,or product design, explore how Gravity Sketch fits into your team’s workflow.

augment your style

Explore classical design methods like automotive tape drawing in 3d and view infinite perspectives at any scale.

Develop your workflow

Create the foundation of your design in Gravity Sketch and take your designs onto popular CAD software for further development via .iges export.

Express yourself In 3D
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