Think in 3D. Create in 3D.

Gravity Sketch is the design platform for teams that create, collaborate, and review in 3D. Express your 3D ideas in real-time, at any scale, from initial concepts through to detailed 3D models, using an extensive array of tools for creative exploration. At Gravity Sketch, our aim is to remove friction from your workflows, enhance team collaboration, and ultimately make the process of creation a joyful one.

Creativity is Infinite

  • Intuitive Interface
    A tool set meticulously designed to give you the shortest distance between your ideas and reality, empowering you to create with speed and ease.
  • Immersive Experience
    The use of VR and Touch technologies to create the most liberating and natural design experience, exactly how creation is meant to be.
  • Integrated Workflows
    Import and export your creations in a variety of formats, giving you the freedom to take your design seamlessly onto the next phase with infinite design possibilities.

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  • “Gravity Sketch was among the first companies to show how mixed reality could upend the creative process”
    Elizabeth Stinson
  • “Customers may design their items using 3D sketch apps like Gravity Sketch, send it to Shapeways and have their items sent directly to them”
    Agnieszka Wilk
  • “Gravity Sketch allows for real-time creation and manipulation of complex 3D shapes, with little to no CAD training or onboarding”
    Dean Takahashi


  • 2018
    Best Creator & Authoring Tool
  • 2018
    VDA Enterprise

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