Empowering Creative Freedom

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive and immersive 3D design tool enabling designers to unleash their creativity. Quickly ideate, visualise and communicate concepts in real-time. With Gravity Sketch, your creativity is limitless.

Creativity is Infinite

  • Intuitive Interface
    A tool set meticulously designed to give you the shortest distance between your ideas and reality, empowering you to create with speed and ease.
  • Immersive Experience
    The use of VR and Touch technologies to create the most liberating and natural design experience, exactly how creation is meant to be.
  • Integrated Workflows
    Import and export your creations in a variety of formats, giving you the freedom to take your design seamlessly onto the next phase with infinite design possibilities.

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  • “Gravity Sketch was among the first companies to show how mixed reality could upend the creative process”
    Elizabeth Stinson
  • “Customers may design their items using 3D sketch apps like Gravity Sketch, send it to Shapeways and have their items sent directly to them”
    Agnieszka Wilk
  • “Gravity Sketch allows for real-time creation and manipulation of complex 3D shapes, with little to no CAD training or onboarding”
    Dean Takahashi


  • 2018
    Best Creator & Authoring Tool
  • 2018
    VDA Enterprise

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