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Gravity Sketch is shaking up the world of 3D creation.

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In seconds, your imagination becomes reality.

Create on the go, share online, be more creative.

Hand sketch your 3D models in seconds.

Develop your own style, in 3D and explore the new possibilities.

Intuitive brushes

Use symmetry and revolution brushes to create advanced shapes with a single stroke.

No more complex menus and all real-time.

Immediately get a feel of the 3rd dimension with Gravity Sketch Parallax. Your iPad is a window to the 3D world of your imagination.

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Characters by Gemma #sketchoftheday

Posted by Gravity Sketch on Thursday, 15 October 2015

Transform your idea into a 3D printed object delivered to your door, right from your iPad.


With Sketchfab's cloud, share your design in full 3D on:

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3D sketch and 3D print from your iPad with Gravity Sketch

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