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A tool that speaks directly to the visual and spatial thinking, Gravity Sketch lowers the barrier to digital 3D design for the creative who is not traditionally trained in CAD.

Powerful and intuitive

A series of 2D sketches is the traditional way of getting designs out our your mind. With Gravity Sketch, explore these early stage ideas directly in 3D.

Unlock your creativity

A fresh take on working directly in 3D to visualise and conceptualise your designs in an expressive virtual environment.


Use Gravity Sketch on your iPad Today – coming soon to desktop/wacom, mobile, VR and AR.

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Share your models

Integrated directly with Sketchfab so you can share your 3D creations in 3D!

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3D Print

Send your sketches to be printed with Shapeways directly from the app and receive them in the post in a  matter of days.

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Learn more about Gravity Sketch

We are constantly uploading tutorial videos and demos of our development process. Subscribe to our channel on Youtube to stay in the loop.


Gravity Sketches can be sent directly from the app to Shapeways to be 3D printed. Paul, our designer in residence Sketched up this cool Mini Cooper and sent it out be 3D printed.


Gravity Sketch on iOS has an awesome AR feature that allows you to bring your creations in to your real world environment. This tutorial walks through the steps.


We are currently developing our co-creation feature which will allow users to create together from all devices we support. Here you can see us creating a chair together with the iPad Pro and HTC Vive.